Adamjlss is a musician,singer- songwriter lives in Liverpool, United kingdom. Adamjlss considers himself as a solo artist on all type of genre such as Urban,R&B,Dance/pop,Hip hop and many type of genre.

    Adamjlss start doing music recently in  2016 present as he said he always has a deep passion for music but he never really took it seriously until it came a point in his life where he realized that this is it. if any thing that he wants to do it have to be through writing and making music . He says once ‘music it is the only thing running through my bloodstream so the only day I will stop making music is the day when my blood stops running through my vein’.

Adamjlss pursues his music ambition by writing and releasing as many music Singles as whenever the time allowed him to, he released many singles on YouTube  including  well-known songs to mainstream, that’s my babyBlindfolded and A bit more